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Which Kid Is Yours?

kids on planesRecently, we were on a flight back from the Bahamas. The plane had two seats on each side of the row. Since it was Father’s Day, Leah picked to sit with Daddy. So, I got a row by myself. Woo hoo!

In the row behind my daughter and husband, sat a boy about Leah’s age and his (I’m assuming) grandmother. Behind them, sat a smaller boy with his older brother. The small boy was a year younger than Leah.

You might wonder how I know the second boy was a year younger than Leah. Because he would not stop talking!

From the moment we boarded (and probably before but I wasn’t near him) he talked. In a high, squeaky voice. He was super cute for the first 15 minutes. Then it because slightly annoying and then it became highly agitating and then I was ready to freak out!

kids on planesNo wonder there are so many ‘incidents’ in the air.

People are going nuts because kids won’t shut up!

My daughter was quiet except she was constantly asking us for a snack. Nobody else could hear her. For me though, it became almost as annoying as the smaller boy.

Remember, the boy in between them. He was perfect. He didn’t have any toys with him. No iPad, iPod, computer, video game, toy car, coloring…nothing. His grandmother had no snacks, no candy, no treats, no fruit, no chips…nothing.

When the flight attendant came by, he got a glass of orange juice. The grandmother got water. That’s it.

And guess what?

He was quiet for the entire flight. THE ENTIRE FLIGHT.

Let that sink in.

kids on planesA five year old boy (approximately), did not cry, whine, complain or play for a three hour plane ride.

I couldn’t get over it and I started thinking about my daughter. Maybe I enable her constant complaining. Maybe not only enable it, maybe I might even model it. Maybe.


Considering a new mission…I’ll keep you posted.




  1. My son is a blabbermouth but he thinks it is honestly to say everything ( in fact anything happening around him). Like a story narrator, he starts with all the expressions and melodrama and just goes on and on 😀 My God, kids are wonderful. I wonder what do they eat?

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