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What Kind of Parent Am I?

parenting stylesI’m the mother of three children. My oldest son, Justin, is 20 and is a junior in college.

Matt is a sophomore in high school.

Leah is my youngest. She started kindergarten this year.


I’ve almost grown accustomed to my boys reaching milestones. Sure, I still take their pictures on the first day of school but I don’t usually get too emotional over their everyday achievements.

When they reach a big milestone, that’s a different story. Bring on the tissues.

My daughter is different (in so many ways).


Of course, she is my last so it ups the ante on everything. But, it’s not as terrifying as you might imagine. I’ve been through the kindergarten drop-off twice. And honestly, after Matt, I could handle anything.

The crying attack he had as I tried to get him on the bus was heart-breaking. I had to peel his death grip off me while the bus driver shut the door. Then he pressed his little tear-stained face against the window probably for the whole ride but at least I could only see it until the end of the block.


parenting styles

I practically had to beg Leah for a last kiss good-bye as she lined up to go into the classroom.

Side note: We live in a walking district now, so no school bus needed.

It was great that she had little anxiety about leaving me. Of course, part of me was sad she didn’t but not as much as I thought.

It’s really a weird place. She is my third and my last so everything seems more important but she is my third so I’m a lot more relaxed. There is actually less stress on these big events.

With my first son, I was much more involved in every whimper and cry he uttered. Today, he is an extremely flexible guy. Not at all what you might expect from someone who received so much attention during his younger years.

justin bus 1st day of school

With my second son, I was less anxious but still pretty rigid in my parenting style. Today, he is easy-going also but has his high-stress times. Much more of a Type A personality with a happy medium.

With my daughter, I’m attune to her types of cries and whines and can let go most of the non-relevant stuff. I can’t tell yet, but if I’d have to guess she is going to be the most controlling and full on Type A personality.

I’m not sure what any of that means. I’m not sure if  it’s good or bad. I’m not sure if my parenting even has anything to do with it, maybe that’s their personality no matter what I do.

I’ve come to realize three things:

1. It is what it is.

2. I love all three with all my heart.

3. #2 makes everything okay because that is most important!


Do you have more than one child?
Are your parenting styles different with each?
Do you think it effects them negatively or positively?


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  2. I also have a teen (just one) – a freshman in highschool – and my youngest son will be 3 soon. When I took my oldest to Kindergarten she was a mess – didn’t want to go at all. She has always been an emotional girl. I think I’ll experience the exact opposite with my son. I always thought it was a boy/girl thing, but looks like it was totally different with your kids. In a lot of ways, I think it’s harder on the MOMS than anything…LOL.
    Amanda O. recently posted…The Forgotten Diaper – Another Parenting Miss #HuggiesLatinoMy Profile

    1. Oh our kids ages are so close!
      Yes, I agree…usually harder on the moms and we remember…they forget (well, they would if we didn’t remind them!).

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