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future food 2050As I continue on my healthy journey of eating better, I eat a lot less processed food (although Tootsie Rolls might be my current weakness).

Here’s something I found that may shock you, fresh food goes bad faster.

Who would have thought?

What I need to do is be more careful with my meal planning and buying so that I am prepared to eat what I buy so it doesn’t go bad.

In working with FutureFood 2050, I was turned on this this article…


by Buzzfeed Food; 34 Ways To Waste Less Food.

I’m all over that.

Here are the top three that resonated with me:

-1- Watch out for the bulk trap
A good bargain seems so hard to resist but I have to remember, I will not be able to use it all!

-2- Buy organic milk, it lasts longer
I don’t really drink milk but my son does. Who knew organic lasted longer?

-3- Don’t mix fruits and veggies, they ruin each other
Who knew?

-4- Break bananas apart 
Again, who knew?

I said three but gave you four. Really, there are so many…check out the article!!


Here are the top three things I actually already do (yay, me!):

-1- Use a grocery list
I have no memory so a grocery list is a must.

-2- Tupperware
Okay, I don’t have real Tupperware (does anybody, anymore?) but I use my Rubbermaid containers religiously.

-3- Make frittatas with your leftover veggies
Well, I call it scrambled eggs but it’s the same thing!


Here are the top three things I’m hard pressed to put into action:

-1- Shop more often
Ugh! I hate shopping at the grocery store. Don’t make me go more often!

-2- Reorganize your fridge
All of the recommendations are great but keeping it up might be tough for me.

-3- Hang my onions in pantyhose
Don’t even go there…I’m just not going to do this one.

What do you think?

**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.
FutureFood 2050, initiated by the Institute of Food Technologists, is offering a new approach. They publish a wide variety of stories about food issues, opportunities, and solutions–all grounded in fact. They interview scientific experts along with a wider community of innovators and citizens from around the globe to provide balanced reporting and bring to light the facts behind the issues.

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