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In a previous post, I mentioned how important volunteering is to optimal health in aging. The research continues to prove this out. Recently, multiple research studies show that volunteering:

  • offers a sense of purpose during a time when roles are changing
  • improves physical activity
  • increases positive health outcomes
  • lowers rates of mortality
  • improves social activity
  • provides a personal sense of accomplishment
  • grants greater life satisfaction
  • decreases the intensity of chronic pain

The list goes on and on but really, those outcomes are amazing. Is it enough to trigger you to take action? Here’s the bottom line:

People who spend time focusing on helping others with problems,  spend less time focusing on their own problems.

I know many people are on board but don’t know how or where to find volunteering opportunities. Well, no more excuses here it is:
volunteer match! This organization is fantastic. Just visit the site, enter your location and interests and BAM…volunteering opportunities.

No more excuses! Go there now, start volunteering, and start saving your own life while helping others.


Fearless Girl Statue by Kristen Visbal New York City Wall Street by Anthony Quintano is licensed under CC By HappyFamilyTravels.

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