Aging Expectations

Unleashing A Creative Genius

My daughter is an artistic genius. That probably sounds bold and over the top but it’s true. I’m not being biased either.

She loves to draw and create projects. Her favorite medium is tape. I know that’s a little crazy and odd but what genius do you know (or have heard of) that wasn’t crazy and odd?

In order to harness all of this artist creativeness (which sounds redundant but that’s how awesome she is), I signed her up for an art class. Here are some of her creations…

Title: Lucky Frog
Why: Because we’re lucky he didn’t break while she insisted on carrying him into the house while it was raining. And, he keeps a lucky penny in his belly.

frog art

frog art










Title: Miracle (my title) Sleeping On Quilt (Leah title)

Why: Because it’s a miracle the art teacher got her to be quiet and keep her eyes close long enough to get this picture.


kola art

Title: In the Jungle
Why: Because she couldn’t decide if it was a panda bear or a kola bear. I suggested kola bear. Of course than it must be a panda since I am always wrong.



Title: Under the Sea
Why: Because the beauty of the varying degrees of vibrancy create an under the sea vibe. Also because her school sang that song in the end of the year show and after the Frozen soundtrack, that’s all we hear around this place.


dog art

Title: Dog Around the World
Why: Because he’s around the world in a music shop. Get it? Neither do I but that’s the name of it.

purple art

Title: Mystery (my title) Purple Flower (Leah title)
Why: Because after creating this, it’s a mystery on how to get the purple paint off her fingers.






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