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Twin Prime Numbers Are Romantic

weddingFriends of ours celebrated their marriage last weekend. It wasn’t the official wedding. They were married a year ago at their local courthouse. This was a ceremony and party to celebrate that union.

Of course the first thing I think of when I’m going to a wedding (or celebratory ceremony) is, what am I going to wear. I picked a slinky, cocktail dress with gold, sparkly heals. Then I saw the invitation called for “rustic elegant” attire.

As I searched Pinterest for examples of rustic elegance, I realized my choice was not appropriate. I went on to choose a sleeveless print dress with wedges and a little neutral cardigan in case it got chilly.

Then I looked at the forecast and realized…

a simple cardigan would not be enough.

Onto my third choice, a muted red sweater dress with brown knee-high boots (and a jacket). I worried about this choice. I mean, it’s May and I’m wearing boots and a sweater dress?

Well, it was the right choice. It was freezing! Score one for all weathermen and women.

I couldn’t believe how cold it was. I checked my weather app.

*Side note: I love the Yahoo Weather App.

The only place I could find colder temperatures than our location was Siberia and some northern, mountainous area of Japan, which Michael knew about.

When we arrived at the ceremony location, which was outside, there were tons of ladies who had made the wrong choice. Lots of sleeveless dresses, tons of open-toed shoes…all equaling a bevy of frozen beauties.

However, once the ceremony started all the cold was forgotten.

The bride’s friend gave a short speech which was beyond amazing. The bride is a mathematician. I admire anyone who can do more that the simplest algebraic  function so she is high on my admiration list.

I tell you this because the friend started her speech discussing twin prime numbers. Never heard of it…me either! Check here for a full explanation. My uneducated, short version is…twin prime numbers are two prime numbers separated by one number (like 11 and 13). There are less and less of them as you continue to count.

Relevance? Up until this speech, none…at least in my world.

However, the friend wrapped this beautiful analogy of twin prime numbers around the couple. How they were separate but still needed to be close to one another. How matches like theirs were sometimes hard to find, so hard you might think you’ll never see another but then, there it is…

I’m totally not doing her speech justice. It’s like trying to retell a joke, trying to recapture that action scene in a movie, trying to impart the horror you felt when your were a little girl alone in the dark thinking a vampire (who looked eerily like The Count from Sesame Street) was under your bed, ready to lasso your foot and pull you under if you even attempted to run out of your room…what?

Never mind that one, you get it. It’s hard to recreate magic.

The rest of the evening proceeded to be just as beautiful including the bonfire and wish lanterns lit and set out in the pond.


Rustic elegance is a cool thing. I loved it.

And, I love the couple.


I love the energy of a wedding. Full of romance and joy. Before any cynicism has crept in and tainted the idyllic thoughts of their future life ahead.


A time when a speech about twin prime numbers can seem utterly romantic and the perfect way to define a beautiful couple creating a wonderful life together.

I wish them all the best and you too.

Take a moment today to remember,

…your twin prime and how perfect you are together.

…how perfect you felt on your celebration day!

…twin primes don’t come along often but when they do, you should celebrate!




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