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Traveling with MIL – 5 Secrets

Originally posted July 2010

Traveling with your mother-in-law?

Still want to have a great vacation?

It can be done! You can make it a positive trip.

Here are five secrets to make the most of the family holiday with your mother-in-law. click here to continue reading!

Secret One:  Try to have her get there ahead of you.  If she gets there first, she’ll have some time to set things up, get comfortable with her surroundings, and maybe even make things a bit easier for your arrival.

Secret Two:  Give a little.  Do you have to follow your normal routines exactly?  Probably not. Know which ones to give on ahead of time. Try not to make huge issues out of minor changes to schedules or your way of doing things.

Secret Three:  Go out one night with your spouse.  Take advantage of those babysitting services and spend some time with your honey.

Secret Four:  Be sensitive.   Most grandmas are trying their best.  They just want to have some fun with their grandkids after putting all that serious work or lack thereof with their own kids.  Remember, you’re probably going to be there one day.

Secret Five:  Give yourself space. Get some fresh air, take a long bath, go for a drive. Anything to get rid of your frustration out without making a huge scene and ruining the vacation – it’s not pretty and you’ll wind up looking like the bad guy.


Whatever you decide just remember to breathe.  It’s going to be okay.  You’re going to get through it and you might even have some fun!



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