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Traveling to “The World” – Special

disney 5This is an exciting, special edition in our Disney planning series.

Our expert, Crystal, is bringing you new information on some super-cool new things Disney is introducing.

Yep, you are on the cutting edge with Disney details, NOW!

So, get to reading, get to planning, and get to making those Disney dreams come true!

Special Edition – Traveling to “The World”
Everything You Need to Know About My Magic +
By:  Crystal Seaton

I am interrupting our timeline for your Walt Disney World trip to talk to you about the latest and greatest thing happening at Walt Disney World

My Magic + is a new program that Walt Disney World is implementing that includes some fun new things for all guests. It is all still in the testing phase but will be going live soon we hope!

My Disney Experience

The first part of My Magic + is My Disney Experience. I have mentioned this in my series previously. This is a website as well as an app for your smart phone and / or tablet. It does seem to work best on Apple products right now but works okay on Android products. And it is still in testing as is all of My Magic + so I have my fingers crossed that the Android version works as well as the Apple version eventually.

You start using this as soon as you book your vacation. Just go to to register for an account. (Warning: If you have any online Disney accounts, your email will show already having an account. This often includes accounts for online children’s games from Disney. If you don’t remember your password, you can call Disney and they will send you a reset email.)

Once you get registered, you can link your hotel reservations. This website or app can be used to make or link dining reservations, link to friend which whom you are traveling and make Fastpass reservations along with some other cool stuff that is expected to roll out soon.

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Magic Bands

Magic Bands are really what everyone is buzzing about with My Magic Plus. These are the bands that will eventually replace Key To The World cards. Once you log into My Disney Experience and link your resort reservation, you will be given a chance to customize your Magic Band.

You can pick your color (pink, blue, red, grey, green, orange, or yellow). You can also have your name printed on the inside of the band. Then Disney will ship your bands directly to your home.

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No worries though, if you don’t log in to My Disney Experience, Disney will have grey Magic Bands for you at your resort and they will still have your names on them. You will be helped to set up your account right at check-in.

These Magic Bands hold an ID number only. That ID number links to Disney’s very secure database to access all of your information. You can use this band to use your Magical Express reservations, enter your hotel room, enter the theme parks, charge purchases back to your room, link pictures to your Photopass account, and use your Fastpass plus reservations.

This is great technology and makes it so easy to have right on your wrist instead of having to reach in your lanyard or wallet for your Key To The World. Again, it is all still in testing so for the time being, everyone will get a Key To The World that they should carry with them at Walt Disney World also.

I do recommend carrying one credit card and a small amount of cash in addition to the Key To The World and the Magic Band. I just feel like you never know when systems might fail or you might need to grab a cab to get somewhere on or off property quickly.

Several people have asked if the bands are uncomfortable. No, they truly aren’t. But if they bother you, you can put them on a bag strap or a belt loop or even a lanyard. They don’t have to be worn on your wrist. Disney will also be selling lots of bling for Magic Bands. One of those bling items is covers. The covers are made of fabric and look like they would make the bands even more comfortable.

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FastPass +

Fastpass + is one of the new exciting My Magic + components. Fastpass + allows you to schedule up to three Fastpass appointments per day up to 60 days prior to your trip. These Fastpass plus options must all be in the same park.

So you simply log into My Disney Experience, go Fastpass Plus, choose the day you want to plan, and then pick the park you will be at for that day. You can choose three attractions from that park. My Disney Experience will give you a list of usually four options for times for your Fastpass + appointments.

Just pick the one that most suits you and then you can go in and adjust individual times. The best part is that as long as you are linked correctly, you can do this for everyone with whom you are traveling so that you all have the same ride appointments.

No more doing the Fastpass Run at rope drop to ride Toy Story Mania. Now you can make your appointment in advance and maybe even sleep late that day.

You can also adjust your Fastpass Plus appointments at any time. I do know that available appointments are limited but Disney assures us that this is set up for you to be able to make changes the day of your plan in case you decide to be a bit more spontaneous. I was even able to adjust Fastpasses + for appointments that I had missed.

You can make changes to your Fastpass + appointments on your computer, smart phone or tablet or even at kiosks right in the parks.

Tidbits to Help You with My Magic +

Right now, My Magic + is still in testing phases. But all resorts are supposed to be testing at various times in the month of October. We expect testing will continue in November but it has not been announced.

If you have a Disney reservation, go ahead and set yourself up at even if you don’t know if your resort is testing. Keep checking this account weekly. If you are testing, you will eventually be prompted to customize and order your Magic Bands. Once you have Magic Band access, then you will also be able to schedule Fastpass + appointments.

During testing, what is now being referred to as “legacy” fastpasses are still available. This means you can double dip with Fastpass Plus and paper Fastpasses.

You do not have to participate in testing. It is optional. However you may have to insist to your front desk at check-in that you are not participating. Probably easier just to smile, nod, take the magic bands and then just use your Key To The World card.

As always, a good Disney Travel Agent can help you through every step of this new process. It isn’t complicated but with all things that are in testing, there are quirks that are better known by those that are using the system frequently.

What are your thoughts on My Magic +?

Have you had the opportunity to test Magic Bands and Fastpass +?

Do you think Fastpass + will overschedule your vacation or
help you relax knowing that you have an appointment for your favorite ride?


Crystal Seaton is a wife, a mom, and a travel agent. She travels to Walt Disney World multiple times per year and also cruises and visits Disneyland as often as possible. She is the owner of Magical Vacations By Crystal and affiliated with Custom Travel Professionals, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. Crystal also blogs at WDW Divas along with a few of her fabulous colleagues.


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  1. Great article Crystal! You have made Disney’s new system “Crystal clear”! 😉 Perhaps they should think about having you be their spokesperson that explains My Magic+!!

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