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Travel Interview with Matt

mattSince I’m always talking about traveling with my family, I thought it might be nice for you to meet them. I can’t actually introduce you so I thought the next best way would be for them to answer some travel-related questions!

Fun, right? Just go with it.

First up is Matt. Matt is 14, a freshman in high school and loves sports (play, watch, discuss, etc.).

1. What do you like about traveling to new places?
Seeing differences in cultures. When we went to Jamaica, I saw that the people are easy-going. In Puerto Rico they use more fresh ingredients. Seeing those differences is cool.

matt2. Where do you think is the most interesting place you’ve visited?
Jamaica because it seemed like a whole different lifestyle. When we were driving to Dunn’s River Falls, the houses seems almost like shacks but the people who lived there seemed friendly and happy.

3. Where do you think is the most family friendly place you’ve visited?
Dreams Resort in Cancun because there was something for everyone.

matt4. Where do you think is not a great place to take families?
Barcelona with small kids because it is so busy but it was fun without little kids.

5. What’s your favorite travel memory?
When we went to Hawaii and we were swimming in the ocean. It was fun and the beach was great. Even though we’ve been to a lot of beaches, it was like the best of everything in one place.

6. Why do you think it’s important for kids to travel?
It helps you understand how good your life is and more about the world and it makes you feel more comfortable around all types of people.

7. What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through traveling?
Even though something is not what you thought it was going to be, you have the power to make it better than you imagined.

matt8. What is the hardest part about traveling as a family?
Going through the airport and security because it requires a lot of patience and that’s hard for the whole family to have the whole time.

9. What do love about traveling as a family?
Having good times and making memories together.

10. What’s your best travel tip?
Stay calm and patient no matter what the situation.

11. Where do you want to go but haven’t gone?
Rome, Italy

12. What is your “can’t leave home without” item?


Now you know Matt. Feel free to say ‘hi’ to him when you see him in the airport!

Thanks, Matt!

Stay tuned for interviews with my other travel companions…



  1. Tell Matt that the way to avoid the hassle of the airport is to have a Private Jet ……….and to take his family !

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