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Travel Interview with Leah

You might remember the interview I did with Mattleah. What’s even more fun than interviewing a 14 year-old about their travel experiences?

Interviewing a four year-old! How did you ever guess?

**Side note: Leah had some very interesting responses (as you might have imagined.)


What do you like about traveling to new places?
I like when morning comes quick
Seeing cool stuff – two statues in Puerto Rico


Where do you think is the most interesting place you’ve visited?


Where do you think is the most family friendly place you’ve visited?
Jamaica or Puerto Rico


Where do you think is not a great place to take families?
Texas because a little bit of kids might be allergic to horses



What’s your favorite travel memory?
Going on the merry-go-round in Texas



Why do you think it’s important for kids to travel?
Because sometimes they use their manners


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through traveling?
Don’t touch stuff that’s not yours


What is the hardest part about traveling as a family?
Riding a horse


What do love about traveling as a family?
Eat good stuff and stay healthy


What’s your best travel tip?
Don’t forget your stuffed animal


Where do you want to go but haven’t gone?
Disney World


What is your can’t leave home without item?
Giraffe blanket/stuffed animal


And, that’s Leah. A girl who loves horses (as long as they are not actually alive!).



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