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Top 10 Travel Destinations

china great wallTraveling is awesome. I love to hear people’s travel stories. I especially love to hear where they want to go next.

Someone asked me:

“If you could go anywhere where would you pick.”

That is a super hard question.

I can’t pick only ONE place. I can pick 10 though!

Here are the top 10 places I’d like to visit…

#10. Walk on the Great Wall of China

#9. Go zip-lining in Costa Rica

#8. See Mt. Rushmore

mt. rushmore
Mt. Rushmore, SD


#7. Visit the beaches in the South of France

#6. Visit Mont St. Michel in France

mt. st. michael, france
Mont St. Michel


#5. Eat sushi in Japan

#4. Visit pyramids in Egypt

pyramids in egypt
Pyramids in Egypt


#3. See glaciers/icebergs in Alaska

Glacier in Alaska


#2. Ride a gondola in Venice

and the number ONE destination…

#1. Sleep in room over water in Fiji

Sleeping over water!

What do you think?


                                   Where would you like to visit?


  1. My list (in no particular order):
    Sleep in a hut over the water.
    Eat, Eat, Eat in Greece.
    All-inclusive resort on an island.
    Return to Spain. More eating. And napping.
    I don’t have any big trips planned, but I do love to dream about them!

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