Aging Expectations

Thriller; Not So Thrilling

thrillerRecently, I bought a new car. It’s a Honda Civic. I’m not a big car person. My criteria for a great car is:

  • it easily gets me from Point A to Point B (standard)
  • it has a thin steering wheel (crazy, I know)
  • it has a big windshield (I like a lot of light)

My old car, a Honda Civic (surprised? I’m extremely brand loyal) was a 2005. I still loved it. The only reason I got a new one is because my husband is working a lot in Dallas and needs a car there.

We decided he could drive the older car and I would get a new one. Yay me!

Anyway, this new car comes with…


20 presets for the radio. 20! Who listens to 20 stations?

The 2005 had 12, which was already too many for me. But I had to fill them up because…I just did.

I included my favorite Top 40 stations and some rap stations along with the classical station (’cause that’s how I roll). And, I picked the “oldies” station because everyone likes to hear an oldie, every now and again.

One day, I’m in the car listening to the radio. Scrolling through my 20 stations using my steering wheel control button (I’m so 2008!) and I hear Thriller by Michael Jackson. Well, you have to listen to Thriller.

I’m singing away, enjoying life and the┬ásong ends…

…and my world explodes.


…Thriller was on the OLDIES station. Thriller is now an OLDIE!!

Let that sink in.

I’ll wait. While your mind melts.

How is that possible? I mean, what’s next? I tune to the classical station and they’re playing Elvis Presley?

I can’t decide which is more devastating this or the cute, young cashier at the grocery store calling me, dare I say it, ma’am.


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