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phoenixOriginally posted August 2010
My husband travels quite a bit for business.  Sometimes, we are able to coordinate so we can travel with him.  On any trip, it’s good to keep your expectations in check. When traveling on a spouse’s business trip, it’s something you MUST do, especially if you are going to the hottest place on earth… click here to continue reading!

Phoenix in July.

We arranged our departure flight around our two year-old daughter’s naptime, which worked well.  She fell asleep at take-off and slept for an hour and a half of the four-hour flight.

We arrived at the Phoenix Airport.  I’m giving big kudos to them for having a bank of elevators down to the baggage/ground transportation area.  Yes, a whole bank, six big elevators.  It’s a far cry from the one small, dark, dank elevator you get at the majority of airports.

As we exited the airport with our bags, we strolled through those glass doors directly into an…


It was 114 degrees!  The only thing hotter was walking past the idling rental car buses.

Side note: The Phoenix Airport also handles renting cars well.  There is one bus that takes you to the rental car location, no matter which company you are using.

Walking past these waiting buses turned the nice oven into a broiler.  I felt my internal organs cooking!

Luckily, we quickly got on the (air-conditioned) bus, to the rental counter, and to our rental car without experiencing any heat related injuries.

We checked in The Arizona Grand and were off to Aunt Chilada’s  for dinner.  Unfortunately, Leah wasn’t feeling well and threw up while we waited for our table.

Yes, you read it right…not pretty.

I changed her outfit in the lady’s room.  I commend the staff there for the quickest clean up ever.  Needless to say, we didn’t stay and I’m pretty confident everyone there was glad we left.

My husband went back to the room with the baby while the boys and I went grocery shopping.  We had a kitchen in our room so we picked up dinner and some other food for our stay.


Did I mention my expectations?

So, my expectations, I mean, plan was already unraveling but it was okay, really!  We had fun with our frozen dinners.  I just wish the clean up crew from Aunt Chilada’s had come back to the room with us because Leah didn’t have a good night.

Although through it all she did sleep and woke happily at 7 am.  We’d worked on prepping her schedule to handle the three-hour time change and it seemed that plan had paid off well for us.

The hotel had a full water park just a few feet from our room.  The boys enjoyed it but Leah and I stayed back so she could continue to recover, which she was doing nicely.  Since we weren’t surveying every Phoenix restaurant to determine the quickest clean up crews, we decided to stay in for dinner.




We ordered from the restaurant we had planned to visit.  My husband brought the food back to the room and we all enjoyed it while watching the MLB Home Run Derby without interruption.  Almost to the plan.

The next morning everyone slept well (i.e. no one threw up).  My older son slept in while my younger son, daughter, and I went to the water park.  We loved the lazy river and wave pool.  Although I didn’t do the slides, they looked awesome and the boys liked them.

We also visited the Hall of Flame.

Again, you read it right. It’s the Hall of Flame (not Hall of Fame).

This is a museum dedicated to fire fighting with lots of old fire trucks.  The place could use some updating but it was fun and for under $20 how can I complain?



We ventured out to a local sports bar, CK Grill, for dinner.  This is a great place for families and for watching the MLB All-Star Game.  We had a lot of fun.

After dinner and the next morning, I was feeling ill.  Leah had passed her bug to me.  The next day was a repeat of our first day, Leah and I stay in the room while the boys hung out at the water park.


Doing nothing in a hotel room is fun!

Leah and I spent a lot of time in that hotel room and we didn’t have many toys but still had fun.  You don’t need to bring too many toys for them.  We used a folded towel as a bed for the two dolls we brought.  That entertained for some time.  First, she folded it, then I folded it, then we put the babies in it, then we woke them up, then we moved it around the room, and on and on and on.



By the afternoon, my guilt overpowered my upset stomach.  We got back on plan and took the scenic drive of South Mountain.  You should definitely check this out if you’re in Phoenix.  The views are awesome.

We then drove to Enchanted Island, which looked really cool.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t cool enough outside for us to attempt the kiddie amusement park.

We had dinner with my husband’s business associate and her family.  It’s unfair of me to comment on the location because I ate nothing.  All I could thing about was laying on the bed at the hotel, which is what I finally got to do.

We left the next morning after a great trip.  It didn’t go according to plan but we shared a lot of laughs and experiences as a family.  This is the reason I love to travel and this is the reason I loved the trip!


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