Aging Expectations

The Summer Is Slipping Away

summerIn May, I wrote our Summer Bucket List.

In June, I updated the list.

Now July is almost over!!! How is this happening??

Here’s I few more things we’ve crossed off…

1.  Catch (and release) fireflies

We just did this! We all loved it. My favorite part was Leah’s squeals when she tried to touch them!


2. Visit the Please Touch Museum

Check out the post here!

please touch

3. Have a Bar-B-Que

We had a fun family Bar-B-Que with our family on the 4th of July. The food was good, the dessert flag made with strawberries and blueberries was not. I burned to cookie bottom and the cream cheese topping came out gross and lumpy. Enough of my failures…let’s move on!

4. See fireworks

We went to our town’s fireworks and had a blast. Even when the wind changed and hot embers were falling from the sky. Nobody was hurt but it made the fireworks much more interactive.


5. Go bowling

We did it. I won! This is the first time I scored over a 100. Yes, our family does not bowl well. We all had a great time though. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun, I forgot to take pictures…boo!


There you go…only five things crossed off the list. I’ve got to get on the ball. I’m falling behind quickly.

Oh and one more update….I’ve missed the opportunity to pick blueberries/strawberries so that is definitely not happening!

How is your summer going?



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