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The King of Memphis at Graceland

gracelandWe left our morning and lunchtime adventure at the Casey Jones Museum and Old Country Store in Jackson and made our way to the famous Memphis, Tennessee!

And, where do you think we’re were going?

Yes! Graceland!

Um, was the picture a give-away?

I was a little nervous about taking Leah to Graceland. She doesn’t know any Elvis songs. Sacrilege?

I thought touring the mansion and planes might not be amusing for her and therefore torturous for me…

Fortunately, we arrived and the ticket lines weren’t long. You have to take a bus across the street from the ticket office and other attractions to get to the mansion.

Luckily, only waited for a few minutes and we were on a bus, trying to figure out our headsets. Since Leah was little, they gave us one player and two headsets that plugged into it.

After our whole group was inside the mansion and on the second room of the house, Leah and I finally were hearing the first room! After that we were on track and it worked out.

Since we were so far behind, we weren’t in a big crowd and we could see into the rooms easily.

Tip: Hang back from the start that way you’ll have more space to see the rooms.

 Walking around with one headset and two headphones was like being handcuffed to one another. We must of been quite a sight coming down the steps to view the basement because a woman working there took pity on us and found us a separate headset.

With our togetherness cut short, I worried about our new freedom though because I wasn’t sure how well Leah was going to handle entering the codes in order to hear the right story. I kept checking on her though and she did a fine job.

The mansion is quite fascinating. Of course by today’s standards it looks extremely tame and understated.

Check it out:

gracelandThe basement video room.

gracelandThe jungle room.

gracelandSwing set for Lisa Marie. Brings me back to my youth!
Of course, I had to use my neighbors, we didn’t have our own.


You are not allowed upstairs in the mansion so no pictures there. The artifact rooms with videos are very informative. I enjoyed the detail and it gave me a new appreciation for “The King.”

He was extremely charitable and kindhearted. Given the enormous pressure created from his fame, I’m empathetic to his difficulties in dealing with it successfully.

After the mansion, we checked out the car museum and the airplanes. Even though I’m not that into cars, it was fun to see the amazing variety Elvis owned. I loved seeing both planes (and so did Leah)!




Although there was more to see, we had to get back on the road. Our next stop, Sun Studios, the place where Elvis recorded his first song!

Although all opinions are my own, The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau gave me the opportunity to visit and present this experience to you. For more information, visit or call 1.901-543-5300.

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