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The Coolest Thing About Charlotte’s Airport

On our trip to Hilton Head, we had to connect through Charlotte airport (in North Carolina). Charlotte has a BIG airport. It’s a hub for a lot of connecting flights. Lots and lots of people were rushing and running through there trying to make their connections.

We didn’t have a long wait between flights but we did have enough time to walk to our next gate, which was pretty far. Here are some of the cool things we saw as trudged along…

1. People running through the airport dragging tons of bags. (It’s not really cool but it is a little funny.)

2. They have a real-live piano player playing a real-live piano in the main concourse. (That is super-cool.)

3. We saw Monte Durham from “Say Yes to the Dress” – we didn’t stop but he was taking pictures with people. (That’s cool, right?)

4. We were able to go out on the runway to catch our small plane to Hilton Head. (You might not think this is cool but we loved it.)

Now, all those things are fine but I bet you’re asking yourself, “What is the coolest thing?” Well, here it is:

Can you tell what it is? It’s a water fountain with a special spout for you to fill up a water bottle (or in this case, Leah’s cup)!


That is amazing.

Now maybe I’ve missed it but I’ve never seen this before. And, you might be saying just fill up your water bottle from the regular part of the water fountain but it’s not that easy because it has to be tilted too much.

This (to me) is uber-cool. Not to mention, it’s at an airport (where they can charge whatever they want for a bottle of water and people will pay). So, if you’re leaving from Charlotte or connecting through Charlotte, check out these cool water fountains (and the piano player)!

What do you think? Cool or not?
Have you seen these?



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