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The Amazing Maho Beach

maho beachAfter a fantastic few days in St. Martin, we had to go home. We left our hotel early so we could navigate the St. Martin roads and to visit Maho Beach before our plane departed.

Maho Beach is a famous beach located by the airport and when I say “by the airport”, I mean about 30 yards from the runway! When planes approach landing, they are right overtop of this beach.¬†

Keep this in mind if you’re arriving into St. Martin. Have your camera ready upon landing so you can take a quick shot of the people on the beach waving to you – yes, they will be waving!

As we pulled up, people were everywhere. We didn’t think we’d be able to find parking but luckily, there is a lot right off the beach area with plenty of parking. We made our way to the beach area and the adorable Sunset Beach Bar and Grill.

My husband scouted out two stools for us with a great view. He’s amazing. We ordered a few beers and some lunch (which was actually very good) and waited for the first plane. This place is so cool. They have a surf board painted with chalkboard paint. They list the arrival and departure flight times as well as, airlines and types of aircrafts.

The first few arrivals were small prop planes. These are cool but nothing compared to a huge flight landing. It’s fantastic. It seems silly but it’s quite exciting when the plane comes in…like, you want to start applauding or something. I loved it.

maho beach
I wish I were a better photographer!


maho beach
Still cool, huh?

We noticed a sign with tons of stickers but if you look, you can see a plane pushing a man down. We couldn’t quite figure it out…

maho beach

Until…we saw our first departure flight. This place is so close to the runway, the jets propel people and ocean water back when it starts to take-off. It’s unbelievable.

Even more unbelievable is people stand in the way of it. Actually trying to let the air blast¬†carry them back. It seems cool but I don’t know about all the jet air on your body, I don’t think it is healthy.

Either way, if you are in St. Martin you MUST go to Maho Beach.

Here’s a video of a landing. Not the greatest but it will give you some idea.

Where is the coolest beach you’ve visited?

maho beach


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