Aging Expectations


The following are terms that may be used on the site. This is continually updated as terms are added.

Arithmetic mean: the mean obtained by adding several quantities together and dividing the sum by the number of quantities.

Average: a quantity, rating, or the like that represents or approximates an arithmetic mean.

Cognitive function: related to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes.

Cross-sectional study: a type of observational study that analyzes data collected from a population, or a representative subset, at a specific point in time.

Double-blind study: research in which neither the participants nor the researchers know which subjects are receiving the active medication, treatment, etc.

Future Time Perspective (FTP): how positively you view the future.

Hypothesis/hypotheses: a proposition, or set of propositions, set forth as an explanation for the occurrence of some specified group of phenomena, either asserted merely as a provisional conjecture to guide investigation or accepted as highly probable in the light of established facts.

Lifespan: the longest period over which the life of any organism or species may extend, according to the available biological knowledge concerning it.

Longitudinal study: is a quasi-experimental research design that involves repeated observations of the same variables over long periods of time (often decades).

Participant: a person who takes or has a part or shares, as with others; partake; share.

Quantitative research: the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.

Qualitative research: Methods to examine the why and how of decision making, not just what, where, when, or who.

Scientific method: a method of research in which a problem is identified, relevant data are gathered, a hypothesis is formulated from these data, and the hypothesis is empirically tested.

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