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Ted Talk – Jane Fonda

jane fonda

Do you know this woman? It’s Jane Fonda. This picture was taken a few months ago. She is 79 years old. She looks fabulous!

You might say, “Of course, she looks fabulous, she is a movie star. She probably has had surgery and spends a fortune on skin care. She probably eats a specially prepared, expensive, organic diet. She probably has a celebrity trainer who makes her work out. And, this image is probably photoshopped anyway.”

Okay, you are a real cynic.  Just kidding, all of those things are probably true.

But remember, aging is not just about how you look. It’s about how you feel and mainly about how you perceive your aging experience.

And after you watch this Ted Talk, you will realize Jane Fonda is doing it all correctly!

She wants to change the paradigm of how we think about aging (yes!). Jane wants us to think about this stage of life as the third act, as an actual developmental stage of life.

She notes that we are now living 34 years longer than our grandparents! Not only that, but most people over 50 feel better, are less stressed, and even happier than those who are younger.

Jane notes that only one-third of our aging potential is related to genetics. I love that because my genetics aren’t so great, which means I can control two-thirds of how successfully I age.

But, how are we using this time? Many of us may feel life is unfinished. Perhaps, she suggests, the third act is the time to finish yourself.

If we can redefine ourselves, we may cause a cultural shift so that younger generations can reconceive their own lifespans.

That’s right, not only your future depends on your perception of aging, but the entire younger generation’s lifespan depends on it! No pressure.

Watch the video and hear for yourself…come on, it’s only about 11 minutes long.

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