Aging Expectations

Ted Talk: Anab Jain

This is Anab Jain. Her Ted Talk is not directly related to aging…at all!

The summary of the talk is as follows:

Anab Jain brings the future to life, creating experiences where people can touch, see and feel the potential of the world we’re creating. Do we want a world where intelligent machines patrol our streets, for instance, or where our genetic heritage determines our health care? Jain’s projects show why it’s important to fight for the world we want. Catch a glimpse of possible futures in this eye-opening talk.

Wow. That is way out of my comfort zone. These topics make me want to crawl into my bed and cover my head with my warm blankets! Which, come to think of it, may be how most people feel about discussing aging!

However, when I listened to Anab talk about the future, I could only think about how it related to aging.

She says: There are “many possible futures.”

Don’t you love that? There are many possible futures. It’s not determined yet. Things could go a variety of ways. And you know who controls which future possibility you get? You do!

She asks: “What might it feel like to live in these futures? What is it like to “feel the impact of those futures?”

Yes! Allow yourself to create different futures and really put yourself in those futures. Really feel what it would be like to live those futures. How do you like them? How do they feel? Once you decide which one you like best, you can begin to create that future!

Easy task? No.

In fact, Anab says: “There is difficulty in creating these futures but it’s only by experiencing those difficulties we can move forward.”

That’s right, imagine the negative futures too. To me, feeling that negativity can give you the motivation you need to actually select the positive future.

Anab gives us an example of how you might go out for a drink. After one, you say, I’d like to have a few more. Now, you know your future self of tomorrow morning is not going to be feeling well but you do it anyway.

She says: “Let the other me in the future deal with that – the other future is still you!”

So funny. The “other me” is still you! It’s odd how we like to block that part out when we want to do something we know isn’t good for us. However, by really feeling how that future self is going to feel may give you the insight to stop that negative behavior.

Anab also reminds us that: “fighting for a future we want is more urgent than ever before.”

I couldn’t agree more. Whatever time it is in your life, it’s time to start fighting for the future that YOU want.

And she saves the best for the end.

Anab says: “…we have the opportunity to imagine new possibilities. We can find optimistic futures, we can find paths forward, we can move beyond hope into action. It means we have the chance to change direction…Other worlds are possible.”

WOW! That is powerful.

Now, to be clear, she is not talking about aging or about individual futures. Anab is discussing our world. The future of our world and how we can affect that.

However, the words resonate with me on a person by person basis too. You can imagine a new future for yourself. You don’t have to see yourself as old and decrepit by the time you’re 75.

Imagine your future with a long and healthy life. Imagine what you would need to do to make that life a reality.

Really feel both futures and then decide which you want and most importantly, take action NOW to make the future you want come true!

Which future will you choose?



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