Aging Expectations

Take a Break from Holiday Plans!

With the rush of Thanksgiving currently upon us and the impending rush of Christmas quickly approaching, we all need a break.  My favorite type of break includes sunny skies, warm breezes, salt water and sunscreen; intertwining to bring the deepest sense of calm. 

Don’t you feel calmer already?? 

In 10 days, my husband and I will be enjoying that sense of calm.  We’re so excited to have quick couples get-away.  We’ll be heading to Puerto Rico for three days!  We’ve been there a number of times and even though we hate to visit the same place twice, we find ourselves back there again and again.  It’s a short, direct flight for us — the beaches are fantastic, the food choices are endless, and it’s always a great time! 

We all need a break during these hectic holidays!  What relaxing break are you planning (big or little)?  Share it with us; you might just inspire someone else!

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