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Summer 2014 Update

At the beginning of summer, I put together my 2014 Summer Bucket List. Oh yeah! It wasn’t as long as the year before…I’m becoming more realistic (possibly).

And can you believe it’s nearing the end of July? Already!

We haven’t completed the list but we are making some solid progress. Here’s what’s happened so far:

-1- Visit the Bahamas
Complete! Check out my 5 Secrets to Atlantis

atlantis secrets

-2- Swim with dolphins
Complete! Check it out: Kissing Dolphins In Atlantis

atlantis dolphins

-3- Take an Alaska cruise
Complete! AWESOME time. Posts are starting. Here’s the first!


-4- Ride on a helicopter
Complete! Post coming.


-5- See a glacier
Complete! Post coming.


-6- Go berry picking
Complete! No post for this one but it’s been on my list for two summers so glad I finally checked it off!


-7- Raise butterflies

-8- Celebrate 4th of July with lots of fun and fireworks
Complete! This picture does not do it justice.


-9- Visit the Farmer’s Market

farmers market

-10- Get a hammock
Complete! Thanks to my wonderful husband or I’m sure this would have never gotten crossed off the list.


-11- Clean up neighborhood trash/liter with my daughter

-12- Have a family spelling bee (because I like to torture myself)

-13- Do a family puzzle

-14- Re-learn to crochet

-15- Go on multiple bike rides

-16- Go canoeing

-17- Visit multiple playgrounds and have my daughter rate them
Only one down so far.

-18- Play mini-golf

-19- Go to the beach for a weekend
Complete! Post coming!

-20- Create a popsicle bird house

-21- Freeze small toys in ice and have Leah break them out

-22- Visit Dallas
Happening now! Check me out on twitter for the live updates!

-23- Take Leah to Chuck-E-Cheese


-24- Visit San Francisco (scheduled)

-25- Create fun things with toothpicks and marshmallows

-26- Take Leah to a craft class

-27- Go to the movies
Complete! We saw Earth to Echo. Leah was a bit afraid but in the end she liked it. I thought it was a modern ET.

-28- Visit a lighthouse

-30- Go fishing

-31- Get ready for school


There’s the update!

How’s your summer going??

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  1. Good morning! I’m impressed that you’re making such progress with your summer bucket list! Our kids have focused on lots of time with friends, and we just returned from a wonderful one-week trip to Bar Harbor (highly recommended!). We plan to cram in a few special activities and a day trip or two into the remaining time. It always goes too quickly!!!

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