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This week, I’ve shared a little about our San Diego trip (where we stayed, where we ate). Don’t worry, more is coming!

But, I thought you could use a break. Today’s post is from Austin Crowley. Austin is giving us a lot of great tips on how to stay healthy while traveling…very important!

Just so you know, Austin is a travel writer, an advocate of tourism in the US, and an outdoors adventurer with a great knack for learning from his mistakes while traveling abroad. He’s new to twitter though, so be sure to stop by and give him a follow @AustinCrowley4.


You’ve packed your bags, double checked for your ID and flight information, and are ready to head out the door. But have you thought about the necessary steps to keep yourself sickness-free during your trip?

Falling ill during a vacation is tremendously disappointing. Instead of ticking off items on your bucket list with experiences like learning to scuba dive and zip-lining, you might find yourself lying in the hotel’s bed, sniffling and coughing away – and let’s hope it’s not anything worse than that!

Given that you’ll be exposing yourself to different contagions and environmental hazards that your body might have little immunity and tolerance for, it’s more likely that you might think. However, with the right practices, you can enjoy your vacation sniffle free.

It’s calculated that about 63% of travelers will get sick during their vacation time (this can be anything from the common cold to a hospital visit), and that almost 90% is avoidable. You just need to take that extra step to be cautious, listen to what your body is telling you, and prepare yourself in advance.


p style=”text-align: left;”>If You’re Traveling Abroad 

You’ll need to take a look at vaccines needed before traveling outside the country. There are vaccines that require multiple dosages and some that are only just recommended. Talk with your doctor and see which vaccinations are best for you, or if you should take any vaccinations at all.

Each country requires different vaccinations, so make sure to look up exactly how you’ll be traveling, and the duration of your stay. A lot of vaccinations seem expensive, but would you rather pay for a shot to stay healthy, or pay for more in hospital fees when you catch something overseas? A lot of trade car insurance and travel insurance companies offer coverage with vaccinations; a trusted insurance agency specific to your region can really offer you some great plans.

However, be wary of far-off travel insurance providers with super-low prices, since they’re probably completely unfamiliar with the risks associated with your destination. When traveling to the Carolinas, it’s probably far wiser to seek out a Charlotte insurance agency in your price range. It can greatly benefit you with your travel needs, and can help cover part or all of those vaccination costs.


p style=”text-align: left;”>Traveling by Plane 

Nothing is better than being cramped by a bunch of strangers in a tiny plane traveling for 6 or more hours, right? One way to make it a little more bearable is by taking the necessary steps to lessen the likelihood of you catching a sickness:

  • Consult with your doctor before any major traveling requirements that you aren’t able to perform because of your physical boundaries.
  • If you feel any sort of “getting sick” symptoms, tackle them as quickly as possible with vitamins and plenty of rest. The quicker you stop it, the faster it’ll disappear.
  • Commercial airlines have very low humidity, which results in being dehydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of water, since dehydration can result in fatigue (and consequentially a weakened immunity system.)


p style=”text-align: left;”>Traveling by Car 

There is nothing better than packing up the car and hitting the road with your friends or family members on an extended road trip. However, not having the right provisions to keep you from getting sick could really put a damper on the vacation.

  • Pack simple and healthy snacks: trail mix, dried fruit, fruit snacks, granola, etc. By packing these types of foods, you’re keeping your metabolism high, your immunity strong, and your mind alert − which is what you need on a long trip. Watch out for greasy, sugary foods that can sap your energy and dehydrate you.
  • Make pit stops as necessary. After long road trips, your muscles will tense and make it harder for you to relax later in the day. Remember: it’s not the destination, it’s the journey. So stop, take a big stretch, and take that break.
  • If you’re tired, don’t keep driving. Not only is it a miserable experience, but it’s downright dangerous. Either pull-over to take a quick nap or alternate drivers. If you’re flying solo, don’t compromise on lodging. A good night’s sleep will serve you better than fifteen minute cat naps at road stops.
  • Water, water, water. Need I say this enough?


p style=”text-align: left;”>Quick, Natural Remedies for Staying Sickness-Free

  • Green tea: helps boost the immune system—and hey, it tastes good
  • Oranges: rich in Vitamin C
  • Lemon: if you add lemon to your tea or water, it’ll help with your digestion, and keep you from feeling nauseated
  • Honey: if you’re the type to experience allergies, taking in a spoonful of honey from the local area every day can boost your body’s ability to deal with allergy-irritating pollen

With these tips in mind, you can enjoy your next vacation as you’d want rather than in bed. Enjoy your vacation, and stay healthy!

Thanks Austin for the great ideas!


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  1. Oh my gosh! 63% get sick. That’s a lot of people not enjoying their vacation. I love traveling by car the most. I think it gives you the most flexiblity. I’ve heard about the honey thing before just never checked to see if it would work.

    Have fun with Twitter, Austin!
    Carla recently posted…Turn Your Dreams Into RealityMy Profile

  2. Great advice! I’m actually planning a trip to Ireland for a week in October. I hadn’t thought about a lot of the things on this list, but agree 100% with getting enough water. So very vital! I usually bring along those Emergency vitamin packets and have one before the flight, one during, and one after so I don’t catch any airborne cold symptoms.

    Happy travels to you! Stopping by from SITS Sharefest today.
    Charlotte recently posted…Showing up to a kid’s birthday party… without a childMy Profile

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