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Should You Go for Bulkhead

We fly on airplanes, a lot.

We have sat all over the plane. All. Over. The. Plane.

The biggest seating decision when traveling with kids is…

To go bulkhead or no bulkhead.

Bulkhead seating is that first row of seats in coach class. It does not have a row in front of it.

Here is a quick review of bulkhead seats versus regular seats in case you are wondering which might work better for you.

Side note: This may go without saying but let me be clear…if at all possible, choose first class. Okay, now for real family travel, here’s the breakdown.


Bulkhead Seat Regular Seat
Leg Room There is more knee space
for the taller set.
There is more space to stretch your legs out fully,
IF you don’t have bags under the seat in front of you.
Seat Width Many of the armrests are stationary…you can’t move them.  This limits your space and you may have trouble fitting certain car seats. Arm rests go up giving you more space for toys, bodies, and car seats.
Bag Storage You cannot have any bags with you during take-off and landing.  This means you must have anything and everything you need prior, which takes some forethought before stowing your bags. Your bags are at your feet if you need something.
Seat Backs There are no seats in front of you to recline into your personal space.  You also don’t have to worry about your little one kicking the seat of the person in front of you. Seats in front of you can recline, limiting your legroom and making it difficult to move.
Seat Location Seating is in the front of the plane, which makes for quicker deplaning. Seating is anywhere so you take your chances for quick exit routes.
My recommendation:  Bulkhead Seating.Most of the areas equal out but it is awful to have someone fully recline their seat into your lap and sleep (or worse yet sit up while they continue to recline their seat) while you try to manage a baby or toddler with little to no space.  It’s been done to me and my head almost exploded (I’m not joking!).


Where do you prefer to sit on the airplane?


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  1. We have never managed to get bulkhead seats. This post is timely for me – we have a cross country flight with two kids in less than a week. We sit closer to the back, and our family of four takes one trio of seats and the aisle seat next to that group. We usually fly Southwest so no assigned seats, and by the time we get on we have to move to the back to get seats together.
    Dana recently posted…What’s in a Name?My Profile

    1. Boo! I wish you could get them at least once. I’d love to know what you think. Good luck with your upcoming trip…I hope you’re not by the bathrooms 🙂

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