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Road Trip: Frontier Culture

virginiaAfter leaving Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Baltimore, we continued on our road trip southbound for Dallas! We drove into Virginia and stopped at the Welcome Center for a picnic lunch.

I had packed the lunch early in the morning before we left. The Virginia Welcome Center is really nice.

If you are in the area or planning a road trip and need a place to stop, this is a good one.

The picnic area is spacious and green. It’s well-kept with a water fountain and…


a water spigot, which is just fun 🙂

The bathrooms are clean and there is an inside office area with friendly people to help you with tourist information, if you need it.

We continued on to Staunton, Virginia to the Frontier Cultural Museum.

This museum tells the story of early immigrants and their American descendants. They have moved or reproduced traditional rural buildings from England, Germany, Ireland, West Africa, and America.

The even cooler part is they have people dressed to play the roles of those who lived in the buildings.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get there until 3pm and they close at 5pm. Fortunately, they rent golf courses so you can get around the expansive property quickly.

Let me say, I loved this placed!

I already love the idea of villages and museums who dedicate themselves to showing you life in a specific time-period. We’ve visited similar places in Plymouth, George Ranch and Jamestown.

But, I thought the Frontier Cultural Museum was even better than those. Here’s why:

-1- They show different regions along with America. Where else are you seeing a homestead from West Africa?



-2- The people are super friendly. Even though we arrived later in the day and stayed until the end, we never felt like we were imposing.

-3- They had so many live animals, which is a great highlight when bringing a little one.






-4- The areas are well-kept without seeming sterile.


-5- They had plenty of bathrooms throughout the property.

-6- The people were extremely informative. From the forger to the 91 year-old American homesteader. I honestly learned so many new things from seeing, touching, and hearing what these people had to show.



-7- They offer golf carts to zoom around the property! We really enjoyed this part. We wouldn’t have done it, if we hadn’t arrived so late in the day but I’d highly recommend it no matter when you arrive, especially if you have little ones. I think Leah got much more out of it than if she would have complained the whole time about walking!



We sadly left at closing time. Please leave yourself more than two hours.

It sounds like a lot but this place has a lot to offer, you don’t want to leave yourself short.

We made our way to the Mill Street Grill for dinner. It wasn’t far and had great recommendations. I don’t know why because we hated it!

I won’t go on and on but easily one of the worst meals I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot of meals). Don’t put this one on your list.

Next up, our stay at the Country Inn and Suites! 


Although all opinions are my own, The Frontier Cultural Museum gave me the opportunity to visit and present this experience to you. For more information, visit or call 540-332-7850.


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