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Quick Trip to Cancun

cancunMy husband, Michael had a business trip to Cancun. We (Matt, Leah, and I) decided to tag along for a weekend get-away with him. It was a quick trip but I’m all about quick trips. Anytime I can travel, I want to take advantage of it!

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, which I love doing with kids (especially small kids). They can try many different foods without wasting and with no freak outs (from them or you). It also works great for my daughter who is hungry every minute of the day.

I thought her head might explode when they brought around cotton candy by the pool one afternoon. She talked about that cotton candy all night and the next morning. She was searching for the cotton candy man, like a bloodhound. Finally, they brought out cupcakes and popsicles. She was appeased. What kind of monster am I creating?

The beach was beautiful. White, soft sand everywhere. The waves were a little rough so we spent most of the time by the pool. And let me tell you, spring-break 20 year-olds have nothing on the 40-60 year-old set at the swim up bar in Cancun. These people can get their drink on…although the warmer water in that area was somewhat disturbing.

It did rain a bit, which cancelled that evening’s fire show. Although disappointing, we loved the alternate activity…dancing in the lobby!

Listening to those big ocean waves from our room was amazing. I LOVE the sound of the ocean.


Michael did actually have to work and was gone for most of our stay. It made me sadder than I thought. I figured I’d be like “At least, I’m in Cancun and that’s better than missing him from home.” But, it was tougher than that. We were relaxed and having fun and he wasn’t around as opposed to us going through our regular routines at home without him. It made me miss him more.

cancun cancun

My two favorite parts of the trip:

Cuteness #1: Watching Leah and Matt interact. They are so adorable together. Matt is the best big brother. Leah is a bit demanding but when she wants to act sweet, she can pour it on…making you forget (at least for a few moments) about how irksome she can (sometimes) be.



Cuteness #2: When we came back to the room one night after dinner, Michael wasn’t with us. However, the maids had come in to do a turn-down service and left a rose and chocolates on the bed. Leah immediately assumed Michael had left us the goodies. It was so sweet, I didn’t have the heart to tell her the truth. I didn’t like the chocolate they left and she even went so far as to tell me not be upset with Daddy because he probably couldn’t find the chocolate I do like so he just got what he could find. A-dorable.


We had a great time. I love visiting Cancun and highly recommend it!



  1. I’ve been WAITING for this post, so I can hear about your trip! You gave me the chuckles with your comment about the warm water near the swim-up bar. The picture of Leah behind the dessert plate was precious- love the pose. And yes, Matt is a super good kid. She’s lucky to have her big brother to hang out with. 🙂

    1. Thanks!! We had such a good time. And, of course, Leah loves to pose…usually it’s with a crazy face but this one was a nice one 🙂

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