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Normally, during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, we go to San Francisco to visit my husband’s family. Last year, we went to Jamaica and this year we decided to try Puerto Rico. Don’t worry, there’s no family strife! We’ve been seeing the family in Lake Tahoe for skiing and will do that again this year.

We’ve been to Puerto Rico a bunch and love to stay in the Condado area. This time we chose to stay at El Conquistador Resort. It’s about a 45 minute drive from the San Juan airport. We chose to rent a car. The drive is simple on major highways, so don’t worry about that.

The El Con is beautiful and HUGE! No, really it’s huge. So big, in fact, I’m going to do a whole post devoted to helping you decide which section to stay. It’s important, trust me.

We stayed in the marina level. It’s at the bottom of the funicular. Yes, there’s a funicular. Oh, you don’t know what a funicular is? Check here for the official definition. My definition is: a car on a pulley system that takes you up and down a steep incline.

Looking down as we go up the Funicular!
Looking down as we go up the Funicular!

Oh and by the way, there are three stops on the funicular. The top resort area, where most everything is. The middle area, with some rooms and a pool. The marina area at the bottom, including rooms, the water park and access to the boat that takes you to the resort’s private island.

Oh, yes! Water park and private island.

Okay, first the water park. It costs extra to get in. Didn’t know that! It was fun though not big enough to really warrant an extra fee (in my opinion).

Side note: I have no pictures of the water park because we did that during the first day. And, it is impossible for me to remember to take the camera during the first day during any trip!

The private island is cool. The boat ride is fun and only about 10-15 minutes. It leaves every hour. It wasn’t crowded when we were there so no problems.

Side note: I would not want to go to this property when it’s crowded. Waiting for meals, the funicular and the boat would probably make it a lot less fun.

The island offers a wide expanse of white sand beaches, a restaurant, nice bathroom facilities, games (beach volleyball, bean-bag toss, etc.) and even horseback riding.

Great views from the boat
Great views from the boat
Fun at the beach
Fun at the beach


Everyone still happy after a day at the private island :)
Everyone still happy after a day at the private island 🙂

We ate off property every night. More posts coming on those restaurant reviews! We had breakfast and lunch on property. Unfortunately, they weren’t good. There are many great places to check out that are very close by…I would suggest doing that when possible.

The best part about staying at the El Con were the AMAZING views. Here’s a few:

two great views...the water and the family
two great views…the water and the family
looking down to the marina
close up of the marina
close up of the marina
you can see for miles...
you can see for miles…
...and miles
…and miles
okay, not a great view - just a funny face...she's good at those!
okay, not a great view – just a funny face…she’s good at those!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cool parrots they have in the lobby, which provided tons of entertainment for the whole family. And, of course, they sell ice cream!


We had a great time on our visit. There were good parts and bad parts of the resort. Nothing is perfect, right? If you stay here, know going in that it’s big and it’s going to take time to get from place to place.

With that in mind, I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic trip!

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