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PTM_hires_Horizontal1Did you know the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum has a ton of activities this summer?

Well, they do!

When I saw the list, the thing that caught my eye was a new play titled: President Ulysses S. Grant and the Great Centennial Banana Mystery! 

I love history, wait, I mean…Leah and Matt love history! Yes, yes…they do!

Off we went. We arrived in time for the first show of the day…

please touch

Look at them…excited to learn something historic!

The show did not disappoint! We definitely learned something.

The banana was first introduced to the US
during the Centennial Celebration in 1876!

The show gave a lot of other interesting facts in a really kid-friendly way. I loved it and so did they. Really! It’s a must-see 🙂

please touch
That’s historic bliss, right there!

We then explored the rest of the museum. Well, except for the train area with the full replica of the Centennial Exhibit, which is MY favorite part.

I couldn’t my kids to go in. My son was already having none of it so I tried to convince my daughter. She wasn’t going for it either.

Historic bliss, over.

She did love everything else in this place though. She could spend days there, if I let her.

Making sandwiches in the play McDonalds
mad hatter
Having a tea party!
Cleaning the engine.
Going into orbit.


Her absolute favorite place is the grocery store area. I wish she loved going to the real grocery store as much as she loves the Please Touch Museum grocery store.

We had lunch there too. Their cafe prices are quite reasonable and the food is pretty good!

You must go and let me know what you think of the show!

Although our entrance was complimentary, all opinions are my own.


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