Aging Expectations

Photo of the Week: Fun?

At first glance you might think, “Oh, how cute. Two little girls on a swing set. What fun.” Look a little closer though.

What is that ladder doing there?

There is no slide. There’s no separate monkey bars. I’m confused. Once you get to the top, what to do? Sit on top of the swing set? Jump off to a broken leg? Skooch over and bother the swingers? Possibly fall on top of them and ruin everyone’s day?

And, I don’t want to even get into the hanging circles, right over top of the swinger.
Hello, foot in the face.

Really, to me…it just seems like a complete disaster. I feel so sorry for the kids (and mothers) of yester-year who had to use this playground “equipment.” I am so grateful to the playground makers of the world for the improvements that have been made – thereby eliminating at least one trip to the emergency room.

Thank you.

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