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Photo of the Week: Designer Trends

 This is a picture of two of my aunts and their friend – just hanging out, having fun! This is my photo pic of the week because I love interior design.

Side note: In my secret life, I’m a fabulous interior designer – and I mean, FAB-u-lous! Then I see rooms designed by real interior designers and I’m like, yeah…not happening – hence, “secret” life.

With that in mind, check this kitchen design! The patterns are outrageous. Between the floor, wall paper, and tablecloth, I’m not sure how you wouldn’t be nausea regardless of what food was being served.

Isn’t that one of the coolest things about old pictures. Anything can be stylish and it seems EVERYTHING once was and is destined to be again.

So, don’t worry too much if your home isn’t “in” these days – it will be soon enough (I mean, you might not be around to see it come back in style but just know it in your heart).

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