Aging Expectations

Photo of the Week: Classy

This is a picture of my mother, my aunt, and their cousin on Easter. They have beautiful handmade suits, adorable white anklets, stylish hats, handbags, and “mary jane” shoes. I mean, they were ready. They had it all and wore it well. Classy!

What I love though are those white gloves! Do you see them? So classy!

But, can you imagine wearing white gloves today? Can you imagine having your daughter wear white gloves every time you wanted her to look nice? How do you even keep those clean?

Times were really tough back then!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the ads too. 7Up, still around. I love how it seems like it’s framed, it gives it a little more class. And, speaking of class, how about that woman provocatively smoking in the background. Nice, now that is classy…(not)!

What do you think?
Should we reinstate the white glove fashion trend?

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