Aging Expectations

Photo of the Week: Any Time

This is a picture of my grandfather. You may remember seeing his photo here too. He was awake in the other photo. In this photo…sleeping. There was a caption under this photo that said “He could sleep any time, any where”, which I remember to be very true.

Of course, I think it’s funny that he is holding a plate while sleeping on a step.
Now that is talent!

What I find most endearing is the bandage on his finger. He was a butcher and would come home quite often with bandages on his fingers. He never did any real damage but did have a nicks and small cuts lots of times.

Isn’t it funny how little things, seemingly forgettable, unimportant things can mean so much? I wonder what it will be that my kids (or grandkids, or great, grandkids) will associate with me.

Probably my perfect hair. No, probably my impeccable fashion sense. No, probably the aprons I wear while I’m cooking.

All right – it’s none of things (since I don’t have any of those things). I have no idea what it will be, whatever it is, I just hope it’s not too embarrassing or that I’m too old to realize how embarrassing it is.


      1. Oops- I meant love of family and love of travel and how you blended the two! But I guess my typo works too, given your blending of two families! 😉

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