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Pepper Print Shamrocks

In preparation for our “big” family St. Patty’s Day celebration, Leah and I are making two crafts. You might have read about the first one already. This one is the second.

Drum roll…pepper print shamrocks (oh, what…you read the title already).

Here’s the inspiration.

I decided to make some cards to send to family along with the decoration for the party. So I:

  • got all the paper
  • pulled Leah’s hair back
  • put newspaper down
  • poured some green paint in a plastic plate
  • cut the pepper


I showed Leah how to do it and she got started.

Let me just say, I LOVE this craft! We’ve been redeemed!!! Our bad craft luck has been lifted. I’m back on the craft band-wagon. Yippee!

It was simple, she loved it, it didn’t take long, and we both had fun – success (finally)!

Here’s the final product after I added a few embellishments.

What do you think?
Are you going to try it?

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