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Packing Lunch = Insanity

school lunchesMy kids are back in school.

I hate packing lunches.

Everyday. Day after day.

I can barely think of things to have for dinner, a meal I am eating.

Forget about lunches that I’m not even getting a bite of…unless you count what is brought home and has been squished at the bottom of the lunch box at the bottom of the backpack. Ah, yeah, I’m not eating that.

Now all the rage is the bento box style lunches. Really? Are people out there just trying to make my life harder?

But guess what, all my problems are solved…

FutureFood 2050 is hosting a Twitter party with all the answers!

You might remember me talking about FutureFood here and here. They are an organization dedicated to giving you information about food issues, opportunities, and solutions–all grounded in fact.

Here’s what you may learn:

  • Lunch box/bag food safety dangers (Uh-oh, I could be in trouble.)
  • Different kinds of lunch bags–which keep food the safest? (Please not bento boxes!)
  • How to pack leftovers (Wait, my kids will eat leftovers in their school lunches?)
  • How to keep cold foods cold, hot foods hot. No soggy sandwiches! (I’m in.)

Food scientist, Ben Chapman, Associate Professor, Food Safety Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University is on hand to answer any other questions…like, how to stay motivated in packing those lunches?

So, join me on Twitter Thursday, September 11, from 1:00pm-2:00pm ET!

Yes, that’s TOMORROW!!

Use the hashtag #SafeLunch. See you there 🙂


  1. I’m not on Twitter, but I can definitely relate to your angst about making school lunches. That was what I least looked forward to as school started this year. What I decided to do was go through my Pinterest “lunches” board and print out the ones I thought might work for the kids. I put them into a binder in those slip-in sheet protectors and let the kids go through and flag the ones they were interested in (with sticky notes). Then I’m picking one per week to make on Sunday and use to break up the monotony of the lunches I typically make AND save me time in the morning. The first week’s recipe has been a hit- “nutty noodles” (whole wheat noodles with peanut/sesame sauce, edamame, shredded carrot, and diced chicken- and made enough for 6 lunches (across two kids) plus extra for me! I appreciated the change of pace as well!

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