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Niagara Falls – Part 2 of 2

Originally posted April 2010

This is the second part of our Niagara Falls trip. The first part of the trip is here!

The next morning we got ready early and headed down for our free breakfast (included in the room rate).  Did I mention I loved this hotel?  Breakfast was great.


Yep, you get wet!

Maids of the Mist

We were off to the Maids of the Mist.  This is a boat tour that takes you directly in front of both falls.  It’s quite amazing.

Let me tell you, wear the poncho they give you – you are definitely going to get wet.  I don’t think there is anywhere you can stand on that boat without getting wet.  Leah didn’t like the boat or the water so we were looking hard.  Um, needless to say, she was wet.  Even with the lack of dry space I would highly recommend Maids of the Mist, it really is a must.


Our third attraction was a 4D movie.  As we entered the area, they gave us ponchos and let us bring the stroller.  I was a bit nervous about having the stroller and could only imagine it getting drenched and Leah running loose for the rest of the afternoon but I went with it.

First, you stand to watch a movie.  If you have children from three to seven, they will enjoy it.  Any younger or older, it’s not interesting.  After the movie, you move into the “ride” area.  Standing area again, you watch another movie, more like nature scenes as opposed to a kid’s film.

It’s quite dark and spooky and you’re thinking, here it is, we’re going to get wet now!  It’s coming so wait for it, wait for it.  What’s that bright light?  The doors are opening?  It’s over?  That’s right, we didn’t get wet at all.  Even the stroller was bone dry.

This was one of those rides where you have to be in the exact right spot to even feel the water.  Good luck.  (To note:  they may have changed this movie, for your sake, I hope so.)

We grabbed a quick lunch at the main area cafeteria.


Behind the Falls

We then made our way to the Behind the Falls attraction.  Guess what we did next?  We waited in line, got a poncho, and went down an elevator.  There’s not much you can do in Niagara Falls that doesn’t involve a line, a poncho, or an elevator.

Behind the Falls is quite exciting.  You actually walk behind the falls (as the name suggests) and they have little openings where you can see and feel the water coming down.  If you go near these openings, you will get wet.

We ended our tourist attractions with a ride on the Falls Incline Railway.


Back in Buffalo

On our way back, we stopped back at the Anchor Bar.  It was open!  We got a table and ordered a variety of wings.  Hhhmmm, what I can say.  I’ve had better wings in a better place with better atmosphere and better service.  I guess there are some tourist traps you just have to experience but I’d advise against this one.

We made it back to the airport, through security, and on the flight without an issue.  We were home on Sunday evening.  This was a great short trip.  I wouldn’t have wanted it any longer.  It is possible to have an awesome time, see a wonder of the world, and be home before the weekend is over.  Give it a try!


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