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My Love Affair…

with my hair…

Do I still have your interest? Since this is the week of love, I wanted to share with you my recent love affair with my hair.

When I was little, I hated my hair. It was straight. Poker straight, as my mother used to say. This was unfortunate for me because at the time, little girl’s were supposed to have curly hair.

My mother worked very hard to make my uncooperative hair curly. My mother did not have a lot of hair experience. Big events meant she’d take the pony-tail holder out of her hair.

For my big events, she used to wash my hair, put Johnson’s No More Tangles┬áin, and then set it in curlers I’d have to wear overnight. And it would come out like this:

love affair with hair
nice bow


love affair with hair
one word…mortified

Right. That conditioner probably just made it less likely to curl. Don’t worry though, those “curls” would fall out within an hour.

Then I went through the “perm” phase (no pictures, thank goodness).

Next up, the bangs phase with various lengths. Shorter was usually right after I had a baby.

Then I started to get grey. And, I started to color my hair. And, my life changed! I began to like my hair. The color (and bleach) made my hair easier to manage.

Then I got pregnant with my daughter.

OMG, my hair was amazing. Just amazing. I’d get out of the shower and just leave it. It had the perfect wave. It was thick. It was AWESOME!

Since her birth, it’s been great. Not as good but still so much better than before.

This winter has been tough though. It’s been so dry, my hair is just a flyaway mess. I was searching for a product that would help. I found two.

Side Note: I don’t spend a fortune on hair products.

I LOVE this one:

GOOD - Sauve Keratin Infusion
Sauve Keratin Infusion

It works really well and smells great.

I HATE this one:

BAD - Fructis Sleek Finish
Fructis Sleek Finish

In fact, the main reason for this post is to let you know – Don’t Buy This Product. You can get the same result by putting some olive oil in your hair.

I’m not even kidding. This is the grossest product ever. My hair was so greasy and I only used a tiny bit. Yuck.

But, the good news is…My love affair with my hair is continuing!

What kind of hair day are you having?



  1. It’s crazy that your hair can change like that from being pregnant. Although, I LOVE your modified picture. lol I’ve been pretty lucky, I’ve always loves my hair. Although, I wish it had stayed platinum blonde from when I was born.
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