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Mermaids Are Real

fllFt. Lauderdale is not a place I’ve noted on my bucket list. However, when we found ourselves with an open weekend this winter, we decided to get out of Siberia. Ft. Lauderdale is a close flight from Philadelphia.

So we picked it.

We booked the Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Hotel


It was fabulous. We didn’t know this when we checked in but they have a whole mermaid theme. At check-in, they gave Leah a mermaid doll. She was in heaven!


Then we realized, they also have a mermaid show.The Wreck Bar in the lobby has big windows that look into one of their pools. Every Friday and Saturday night, mermaids don their tails and coconut shell bras to go for a swim. They do flips, wave, and blow kisses in front of the windows. It’s super cool and if you have a five-year-old daughter it’s mind-blowing!


Leah was ecstatic and even more so after the show. You can go up to the pool and have your picture taken with the mermaids. Even though Leah decided the woman walking around the bar before the show was one of the mermaids (confirmed when the show started), she still loved every minute of it.



This hotel also has a fabulous beach, great pools, and friendly staff but it’s worth it alone for the mermaid show, which by the way was FREE!


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