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Make Love for Valentine’s Day

Hhhmmm, I’m not sure what you thought this post might be about with that title but it is about…kid’s crafts! Yep.

she loves cutting!
so simple...
so simple…

You know me, always looking for a simple craft to do with Leah. And, this one fits the bill. Now, here’s what we did:


First, I cut the paper a little smaller so it would be easier to cut. Then I drew a heart shape for Leah to cut and…she cut them out!

We colored popsicle sticks green and then glued the hearts onto the popsicle sticks along with a few green leaves we cut out too!

not too messy…

Now, what to do with them? Well, I put them into our plants to add some festive Valentine’s decorations around the house!

even plants need love…

This was an easy craft and Leah loved doing it. I’m on a roll with simple crafts she likes doing (remember our paper plate spirals). Don’t worry though, I’m not jinxing myself. I remember all the crafts that didn’t go so well…like making rainbows, newspaper necklaces, and the very worst yarn hearts.

So, make some love this Valentine’s Day!



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