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Let’s Eat: Le Santal, St. Martin

st. martinOn our second night in St. Martin, we ate at the hotel. Don’t do this! There is such amazing food throughout the island, you must get out and explore. It’s so worth it!

On our third night, we visited Le Santal. It was fantastic.

Since it is 45 minutes away from our hotel, the Westin Dawn Beach Resort and Spa, we left while it was still daylight so we’d have an easier time finding our way. This worked out perfectly. We stopped in Marigot, which is a small bay area with a port and shopping.

We found parking after some searching.

Side note: Parking is free throughout the entire island. Even if a homeless guy shows you a parking spot and asks you for money. Don’t give it to him. Especially if he asks for $4 or $5 and you only have a $10. Don’t believe him when he says he’s going to get you change. But, don’t be afraid to ask him again for your change when you come back to the parking lot an hour later and he’s drunk. Because he’ll probably give it to you (or at least what he has left). I’m just saying… What? No, this did not happen to us!! Okay, maybe it did.

We walked around the shops and stopped for a glass of wine. Perfect to watch the sunset.

Sunset on the dock
Sunset on the dock

We then went to find the restaurant. It was on a side street that looked more like a residential area. However, when we pulled up, a young man was right at the car to valet it for us. It was such a nice touch.

It wasn’t crowded and we were seated immediately by the water. Le Santal is so romantic. You are seated in your own little balcony area that gives you a great view of the water. They have lights on the water too so you can actually see it at night.

In the distance, we could see lots of lights dotting the horizon. Our server told us the lights directly ahead were the lights from Anguilla. So cool.

We started with the puff pastry and snails. This place is on the French side of the island and is very French. It was almost like we had to get the snails! They were delicious.

Can you see the bubbles?
Can you see the bubbles?

For entrees, Michael got the special of the day, which was a whole fish cooked in salt (filleted at the table). I got a chicken dish. Sounds boring but was totally delicious. We also got an apple tart with ice cream – very good.

While we were eating, bubbles started to rain down from above. It seems, the owner lives above the restaurant and her kids send showers of bubbles throughout the evening. So romantic. We loved the whole experience.

Here’s what I loved:

  • the whole experience (wait, did I already say that?)
  • atmosphere
  • valet parking

Here’s what I liked:

  • food
  • service

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • nothing 🙂

What is your favorite French food?
Yes, I guess French Fries count…

st. martin st. maarten

Le Santal is very romantic!
Le Santal is very romantic!

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