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Let’s Eat: Indiya, Collingswood

indiya 3Collingswood is a town with over 25 restaurants. It’s a mecca for great places to eat. Indiya is a new(er) Indian place. I’ve been there three times now.

Let’s get one thing clear, I’m not an Indian food connoisseur. I’ve eaten Indian quite a few other times but still am confused every time I look at the menu. I do like the food though.

The main Indian restaurant in Collingswood is IndieBlue. It’s great with great service. So, when I first tried Indiya, I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure it could live up to IndieBlue. But, it did.

The atmosphere isn’t as hip but it is nice. I’d describe it as more cozy. The first two times I went the service was fantastic. Very attentive and extremely helpful with the menu (which as noted, I need). The third time the service was good but it didn’t live up to the standard they’d set the first two times.

The food was delicious. Again, I’m not an Indian food expert so maybe some of the subtle differences between IndieBlue and Indiya are lost on me but I think they’re both great choices.

indiyaHere’s what I loved:

  • the service (I’m forgiving them for the less than excellent third time)
  • the fun serving platter they use
  • the Crispy Lasooni Gobi and Chicken Malai Kebab (great for kids or those who want to start slow) 

Here’s what I liked:

  • the food
  • the atmosphere

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • they won’t substitute ANYTHING on the Thalis platter


We will definitely visit Indiya again.


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