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Let’s Eat: Farm and Fisherman

philadelphiaHave I mentioned my birthday is June 14th? Oh wait, I think I did yesterday

Well, I’m mentioning it again today! Why? Because my lovely husband took me out to dinner to celebrate…just the two of us. Part of my birthday present from my son was a night of babysitting.

Side note: Family planning tip…try to space your kids apart with enough years between so they can babysit for their siblings. Sure you’re be raising kids most of your life, but hey…at least you’ll get free babysitting!

So, my husband and I went off to the big city to have dinner at…

The Farm and Fisherman!

It’s a small BYOB owned and operated by Josh & Colleen Lawler (they’re married with twins and have another on the way – wow!).

farm and fishermanThis is an extremely well-reviewed place that specializes in the farm-to-table movement. We were a little early and enjoyed a cool glass of water on the bench in front of the restaurant.

We loved our little table in the back. It was intimate even though the place was full.

We tried the Beet Steak, which is a signature dish for them. It’s a huge beet cooked like a steak and it was great. Really, meaty…it was a meatless steak.

We also got a mackerel appetizer and then two entrees. One was pork and the other was tuna. We both tried each others. I thought mine was the best and my husband thought his was the best.

I guess that is the best way, right? Nobody feels slighted.

For dessert we tried the white chocolate mousse. De-licious. Just enough sweet for me.

The service was so friendly and nice. We really had a good time. Happy Birthday to me!

Here’s what I loved:

  • the service
  • the atmosphere
  • dessert
  • homey restroom

Here’s what I liked:

  • all the other food

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • nothing 🙂


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