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Let’s Eat: El Varadero, PR

let's eat!
let’s eat!

On our second night in Puerto Rico, we decided to go to El Varadero Seaside Grill. Again, we asked the concierge for directions. Turn left out of the resort, go a little way and you can’t miss the marina on the left. Perfect!


You saw that coming, right?

We turned left, drove past a few places and then saw a marina on the left. Turned in but no luck. No El Varadero Seaside Grill. So we turned around and made a left back on to the main road. The area started to seem deserted and we assumed we’d gone too far.

We turned around and slowed our pace. We saw the marina again and thought maybe we missed it so turned back in…to no avail. My husband saw some people hanging around and got out to ask them.

Not a good idea, in my mind. Embarrassing and possibly dangerous. My sons agreed. My daughter didn’t. She told him what a good job he’d done when he got back in the car.

The two of them proceeded to laugh and tell jokes while the rest of us sat agitated. I just can’t joke around when I’m lost. A character flaw, I guess.

Finally, we spotted a sign and turned down a driveway with no lights. We had to drive around tons of boats and quite a few cars when we finally saw the restaurant. Ah, we’d made it!

Tensions released, ready to have a good time!

El Varadero Seaside Grill is a tiny place right on the marina. The menu is large for such a small place. The service is great. It feels like your dining with friends – very casual.

You really feel like they want you to have fun and enjoy your meals. Even though they don’t have a kids menu, it’s a great place for kids!

My boys liked their meals. My husband loved his. I didn’t love mine but I did love my daughter’s garlic shrimp. If you go, get that – it’s delicious.

satisfied boys
satisfied boys
that's love <3
that’s love <3


When we were leaving, our waitress told us they served breakfast too. Although we didn’t come back for breakfast, we did for lunch. They offer the same menu for lunch.

We all got different things and we enjoyed it. After we walked around the marina.

strolling the marina
strolling the marina
puerto rico
El Varadero is behind us (the tan building)

Here’s what I loved:

  • the service
  • the garlic shrimp

Here’s what I liked:

  • the atmosphere
  • the rest of the food

Here’s what I didn’t love:

  • the bathrooms – you have to go an outside building around the corner with a special key (but they were very clean)
  • the hidden location!

Let me know if you go.
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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