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Let’s Eat: Big Fish, St. Martin

On our first night in St. Martin, we stopped by the concierge’s desk in the lobby for some restaurant suggestions. Fran was the most helpful concierge I’d ever met. She asked about what type of food and atmosphere we wanted, she asked how far we wanted to drive and she gave us three suggestions.

We agreed with her suggestions and then she took care of all the reservations for us. Sounds like ordinary concierge type stuff but she was just so nice, helpful and friendly it was…refreshing!

Our choice for that night was Big Fish.

Big Fish is a quick five-minute drive from our hotel. We found it easily. Not that we were so good at navigating, it was pretty much a straight shot , door-to-door.

We parked easily and entered. We wanted to eat outside and there was no wait. The decor (inside and out) is beautiful. All white, which I love. More modern, than beach though.

We ordered the ceviche as a shared appetizer. It was not that good. We worried about our entrees. We both got mahi-mahi. My husband ordered the more intense version, it had extra seafood. The menu described it as an “Oprah favorite.” When we asked if Oprah had been there and was it really her favorite, the waiter said, “You could say that, if you like.” with a wink. Interesting šŸ™‚

My version was more plain with just a sauce (no extras). We tasted each others and I was the winner! What does Oprah know about seafood šŸ˜‰

The entreesĀ hadĀ four small portions of veggies and mashed potatoes with each plate. All the sides were delicious. We didn’t get dessert because we were so full. It was definitely a good pick for us.

Here’s what I loved:

  • outdoor seating
  • decor

Here’s what I liked:

  • food
  • service

Here’s what I didn’t like:

  • they don’t have a website! Hence my limited review. I didn’t noteĀ what we specifically had and we forgot the camera. So, no pictures and not so great menu information, but…

we would recommend Big Fish!

Have you ever made mahi-mahi?
Tell me some good recipes!

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