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Let’s Dress Up!

Recently, Costume Discounters contacted me about reviewing their products.  Of course, it’s nowhere near Halloween but I have a two and half year-old who loves to play dress up.   So I agreed!

In looking through their site, they had a large selection of girls dress up costumes but many were princess.  Leah loves those but we already have quite a few of them (thanks to Ali and Nevi) so I was looking for something a little different.  A lot of the selection were characters she didn’t know or wouldn’t be good for dress up games.

Until…I came across the My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Costume.  I thought this would provide some great imaginary play.  I placed my order and the shipping was very quick.  If you’re thinking of Halloween though, I’m sure they get busy so you probably want to plan ahead a bit.

Leah was extremely excited when we opened the box together.  She saw the picture of the pony on the front and couldn’t wait to open it.  The quality was good and the leg and arm openings were bigger toward the ends, which I thought was a nice touch.  Leah is in between 2T and 3T clothing sizes right now, hovering closer to 3T.  I thought ordering a 3T/4T (extra small) size would be perfect.  It did fit her.  However, if it was Halloween, I’d want it bigger.  We live in a colder climate and I couldn’t have fit a warm outfit underneath the costume, which is necessary for October weather.

For our purposes of dress-up though, it was perfect.  She put it on easily and added the mask.  I liked the mask because it fit toward the top of her head, not over her face.  The suit had a tail and the mask had a mane — super cute.  The suit also had a bit of fur on the chest area, which was another nice touch.

She galloped and neighed around the house.  She even got a pony treat (a pretzel rod for those of you who don’t know what pink ponies eat as a treat).  The mask didn’t last too long…do they ever?  With or without it, she had a good time.

If you’re looking for a fun kids activity (especially on rainy days) consider ordering a few costumes and you can play dress up.  Or maybe it could be a fun grown up activity, they do offer adult costumes too.  Or if you’re just looking for kids Halloween costumes, check out Costume Discounters and let me know what you think!



The Costume Super Center did sponsor this post but the opinions expressed are all my own, always Blog With Integrity!

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