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Kissing Dolphins In Atlantis

atlantis dolphins

Recently, we visited Atlantis in the Bahamas. While we were there, we were lucky to experience the dolphins.

Atlantis offers a bunch of different encounters, including:

    • Shallow water interaction
    • Deep water swim
    • Trainer for a day
    • Sea lion interaction
    • String ray interaction
    • Snorkeling

They are probably adding something new and exciting as we speak.

We did the shallow water dolphin interaction. It was fantastic.

Here’s what happens:

-1- You have a short briefing telling you what’s going to happen.

-2- You get a locker and store EVERYTHING in there…even your wedding rings.

-3- You get your cute snorkel suit. Wear your bathing suit underneath and no need for shoes, barefoot is fine.

-4- You go into an extremely hot room wearing your snorkel suit, which is not light and airy.

-5- You hear an overview about the dolphins, what you’re going to do, what you’re not going to do and find out about all the good works going on at Atlantis marina.

-6- You go out to the beach area.

-7- You are introduced to your trainer, your dolphin and most importantly, your photographer.

-8- Then this happens:

atlantis dolphins

Kissing dolphins

atlantis dolphins

Kissing more dolphins

atlantis dolphins

There should be another kissing photo but Leah refused. She’s saving her first kiss for someone less smelly. She just posed.

atlantis dolphins

Feeding dolphins

atlantis dolphins

Getting splashed by dolphins

-9- Somewhere in there you may tell your daughter to “stop looking at a small piece of seaweed floating around and pay attention to the dolphins since this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and she better start enjoying it!”

-10- Once everyone’s had their dolphin fill, i.e. the photographer has taken a sufficient amount of pictures, your experience is over.

-11- Wave good-bye to the dolphins, dry off, remove and return your snorkel suit, get your belongings and head over to the gift shop to see all the cool pictures.

-12- Try to do the math on the best bargain for the limited pictures you actually want.

-13- Realize it’s best just to buy the whole CD of pictures for $120, which includes an actual picture (of your choosing). Don’t judge…it made sense at the time!

-14- Explain to your daughter that she will not be getting any gift from the gift shop because you’ve totally blown any “gift” budget on these pictures.

-15- Relive the amazing memories!

atlantis dolphins

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