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Kids + Bugs = Love

mantis1Have I mentioned how much I love Groupons?

Well, I do!

At the beginning of summer, I received a Groupon offer to visit the Insectarium. Who knew?

After I read about the fake kitchen with cock roaches, I scooped up admission for four at half price. When our six year-old nephew visited from California, I knew — perfect opportunity!

His mom, him, Leah, the grandparents, and I trekked off for the promise of grossness!

On our big bug day, I actually almost drove by because I thought the sign was for an Exterminator Shop. Then it all came together…

Side note: They do offer advice and help if you have a bug problem.

The “museum” is on three levels. The first floor is the gift shop area. Oddly, you leave the building, go next door, head up the stairs to the second level, which has a lot of information and the kitchen/bathroom cock roach infestation.


I was a little disappointed at the limited amount of live cock roaches. Although I’m probably happier there weren’t too many!

We did see a live demonstration of lizards eating crickets – gross!

Onto the third level…

This is where the action is. Tons of live bugs – some you can hold. And, when I say you, I mean YOU…or anyone else but ME! Here’s some evidence:






Check out my fearless mother-in-law.



That’s the love of a grandmother!

It was extremely interesting (and GROSS). The staff was very nice and very informative!

Afterward, we went to my father-in-law’s favorite Bar-B-Que spot, Sweet Lucy’s.


Doesn’t look like much but it was very good. It’s quite close so check it out if you visit The Insectarium.

I highly recommend visiting both!



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    1. Thanks for stopping by!!
      Yes, this probably wouldn’t be a good visit for her!
      I was completely freaked out without any phobia 🙂

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