Aging Expectations

It’s Break Time

If you have read my About Page, then you know I am in the process of furthering my education. I want to obtain my master’s degree or Ph.D. in Psychology.

I’m not quite certain right now where I will apply or what the exact degree will be, either Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology.

Before any of those decisions can be made, I need to get a fabulous GRE score.

For those who don’t know, the GRE is a standard test that most graduate programs require. It’s like the SAT or ACT that you take in high school in order to get into college.

I have taken the GRE one time. I did great on the verbal and writing sections. However, the math section not as well. So, I am taking it again.

In July.

That is not very far away and I need to focus in order to improve my score.

To that end, I am putting my blogging efforts on hold. For now. I’ll be back in August.

In the meantime,

focus on thinking all positive thoughts when it comes to aging

and wish me luck on the GRE!

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