Aging Expectations

Be Inspired…by this 82 Year-Old Skydiver!

Are you ready to…

be inspired!

If so, I am begging you to watch this short, short movie. It is only four minutes and 32 seconds but it is fantastic!

Dilys Price is AMAZING!

At 82 years-old, she is still sky-diving! She didn’t even begin until she was in her 50s and now she holds the world record.

Even more amazing is what she says in the movie.  I love that she admits she was afraid and still gets scared. You have to hear her description of her first time.

She says skydiving is even better than sex!

I’m not sure I’m buying that one. Maybe because I am so afraid of heights and I have no desire to skydive but I’m not 80 yet so things might change.

Dilys is not only adventurous. In the video, she discusses the charity she founded, Touch Trust.

To hear her talk about the charity and see her interact with the people she helps is even more uplifting than the skydiving.

I love that she is focused on the present but grateful for her past, even the difficult times. She reminds us that being pulled down by fear is a mistake.

Dilys Price is truly an inspiration. Please watch the movie or at the very least check out her charity.


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