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I Love My Laptop

When I bought my MacBook Pro, I loved it from the first second I pushed the Power button. It did take me a little while to get used to but it was so intuitive and beautiful, it didn’t take long.

At first, I thought the mouse pad was hard to use but now when I use a PC mouse pad, I can’t even work it. I push on the thing thinking about how much I hate PCs.

I also love the clear display, quick start up, quick shut down, lack of daily viruses…I could go on and on…but what I really want to talk about is…

transporting my beautiful Apple.

I take my laptop with me quite often (that’s pretty much the purpose, right?). Instead of just throwing it into my handbag, I wanted a case for it.

Unfortunately, I hated every case I saw. Most were like this one:

Plain, black, ugh…hate it.

Not good, because my handbag is not the place for a naked laptop. Nobody wants half-eaten food, used tissues, and broken crayons touching their laptop.

I could get a little interesting with color or design, like these:


Nicer but they are still that neoprene material, which I hate!

So, my laptop continued to take the hit. It didn’t complain but I could tell it wasn’t happy being shoved in and out of my bag.

I could have gone super high-end and gotten something like this:

But, I don’t really want to spend over $100 for a laptop sleeve while advertising for Michael Kors. My laptop doesn’t like to be pimped out like that either.

So what to do?

Get The Snugg!

The Snugg is awesome. It’s well-made, beautiful and not all neoprene-y, or foam-y. I love it. The best part, it’s not super expensive. The case I received is only $34.99. More than the cheapy $15 ones but less than the junky ones at the actual Apple store and a lot less expensive than the Michael Kors one.

The Snugg also makes iPhone, iPad, and other device cases. Check them out…I promise you won’t be disappointed!

What do you use to carry around your laptop?

**The Snugg did provide the product for my review. However, all opinions are truly my own!

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