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How to Love the Environment

Don’t you love being good to the environment?

I do and I’m pretty sure you do too. Maybe we should consider an eco-friendly travel destination? Okay, let’s do it!

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Today’s guest post is from Allison. Allison loves writing as it allows her to combine her two passions: writing and children. She currently writes with You can reach her through e-mail at


This summer, take the family to a location they won’t soon forget. The Couran Cove Island Resort is a testament to the natural beauty that is Australia.

This eco-friendly locale has a lot to offer the family element while detailing the inspirational human ingenuity of the resort itself. While staying at the resort, your family will be subjected to some of the most memorable experiences as there is plenty of attractions to keep yourself occupied.


1. Refreshingly Clean

The staff at Couran Cove Island Resort understand the importance of how human water usage affects the planet. Groundwater contaminants left behind, unsafe methods of water use, and an exhaustible supply of fresh drinking water are constant concerns for everyone regardless of location. Using reverse osmosis and nano-tech filtration systems, this resort is commented on having some of the most pure water you can possibly drink. The fixtures are fitted with water saving devices in order to reduce waste.

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2. Energy Demands

Couran Cove utilizes various solar panels and gas powered generators in order to provide an eco-friendly experience all-around. The energy efficient construction methods of the location provide excellent usage of energy reducing the locales demand and creating a sustainable atmosphere for the whole family. Teach your children about the importance of conservation as you stay in one of the most self-sufficient vacation destinations in the world.


3. Activities

Explore the nearby areas of the forests or use the bike rental to go for a nice relaxing family outing. Hike through a dense forest to emerge on the other side of the island and breath in the scenery of the beach presenting the Pacific Ocean. Partake in nearly every water sporting activity you can possibly think of during your stay at the Couran Cove Island Resort. A kids club is located at the site providing a great deal of entertainment and activities for the children. With a beach spanning just over 13 miles long, you and the family can spend days exploring or just unrolling a towel and catching some Sun. A sports center is also located on the premises offering a variety of activities including tennis.



4. Island Hopping

Various islands are spotted throughout the area that the family can explore. Rent a boat and hop from one island to the next exploring each location and discovering various locales perfect for picnics or other relaxation. A variety of locations are available in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands ranging from the Crusoe Island to the North and to the Southern-most Rat Island. Roughly a mile West of the Couran Cove Island Resort is the spacious Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park spanning a great distance across.


The Couran Cove Island Resort is constructed of sustainable materials ideal for an eco-friendly environment especially for the timber and glass. The facility itself is efficiently constructed using natural airflow throughout the structures and eco-friendly illumination greatly reducing its impact in regards to greenhouse emissions.

Whether you are looking for a nature inspired cabin or looking forward to spending time sitting on top of the water, the Couran Cove Island Resort is a worthwhile venture.


Thanks Allison. I’m looking forward to trying an eco-friendly trip!


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